Pulse Design Group’s foundation is built on experience, knowledge and partnership that continues to shape the future of healthcare design.

We know healthcare and understand our client's distinctive needs.

Sharing a true passion for the healthcare community, our team of forward thinking architects, interior designers, medical equipment planners, and virtual reality developers create a truly collaborative team. Principal involvement provides guidance and support through every step of a project.

Rick Embers Principal Emeritus / AIA, EDAC, ACHA Rick’s extensive career in healthcare facility planning and design included a diverse range of projects and clients. These projects consisted of rehabilitation, renovation, and modernization projects as well as new facilities. Rick has worked with clients to produce master facility plans, space allocation plans, feasibility studies, and facility evaluations. Rick was a proud member of ACHA (American College of Healthcare Architects).
Michael Andracsek Principal / AIA, LEED AP Michael Andracsek has vast experience in healthcare facility planning and design, which includes preparation of schematic and design development drawings, working drawings, and specifications. Michael has worked on rehabilitation, renovation, and modernization projects, as well as ground-up projects. Additionally, Michael is LEED certified and serves as the firms sustainable building design guru.
Basil Sherman Principal / AIA, EDAC, ACHA Basil has extensive experience preparing healthcare facility design documents and managing projects from initial programming and schematics through construction completion. He is particularly skilled in master planning and conceptual design and plays an integral role in facilitating discussions on the creative aspects of environments, as well as assisting clients through the design development process. Basil is EDAC certified and applies proven research to conceptual design concepts.
Lindsay Hampton Principal / NCIDQ, CHID Lindsay’s keen eye for design and finish detail adds a defining touch to the projects on which she works. While adhering to required standards and regulations, Lindsay’s designs revolve around patient healing and well-being. Lindsay strives to provide creative design solutions to improve environments where patient care is given. Additionally, Lindsay is the firm’s first female Principal and was also one of the first CHID (Certified Healthcare Interior Designers) in the region – a true testament to her trade.
Dennis Burns President   As President, Dennis increased brand visibility, provides strategy and vision, interfaces with clients and industry partners, and is integrally involved in day-to-day firm operations. Dennis continually enhances the Pulse Design Group brand through outreach, industry presence and geographic reach.
Matt Meier Vice President of Operations / AIA, LEED AP Matt’s experience includes managing various project types within healthcare design. These projects range in size and scope and consist of rehabilitation, renovation, and modernization projects as well as new facilities.
Mary Moore Vice President of Growth and Strategy   As Vice President, Mary develops and executes marketing, communications, and business development strategy to gain exposure for the firm and drive results. Her main focus is to gain new business and develop long-term relationships with clients.
Kevin Purvis Associate Principal / LEED AP Kevin has an extensive career in the design and construction industry, with 20 years of that experience in healthcare planning, design, and construction. Kevin assists clients and specific clinical user groups in identifying and quantifying their specific space needs, evaluating various design approaches, and working closely with the entire project team to ensure every aspect of the project provides an appropriate and flexible space.
Michelle Wineinger Associate Principal   Michelle is the Senior Director of Project Management at Pulse Design Group. She has over 17 years of healthcare design experience and oversees projects from initial programming through project completion. Additionally, she manages client relationships for various healthcare systems to successfully deliver projects that support her client’s vision. Michelle is an integral part of day-to-day operations and strategic planning for the firm.
Callum Vierthaler Associate Principal / AIA, MBA, LEED AP BD + C, EDAC Callum is the Senior Director of Innovation at Pulse Design Group. He identifies, defines, and implements strategic initiatives centered around technology and workflow, evaluates emerging technologies, and conducts industry research to further position the firm as an innovative leader in healthcare design. Pulse Design Group’s successful healthcare resume is a direct result of his design guidance and ability to be a team player.
Tony Jones Senior Director of Equipment Planning   Tony is the Senior Director of Equipment Planning at Pulse Design Group. He has over fifteen years of experience specializing in healthcare and construction operations. Tony oversees medical equipment operations and delivers strategic and efficient equipment solutions for local and national clients.
Mark Kohles Senior Director of Quality Assurance / AIA Mark leads Pulse Design Group’s Quality Assurance division to elevate and ensure design excellence. Additionally, he oversees firm-wide continuing education, associate professional development, and training to enhance the firms’ collective healthcare knowledge to deliver flexible, creative, and innovative design solutions.
Luke Abkes Project Manager   Luke brings six years of healthcare design expertise to his role as a Project Manager. His healthcare design experience and detailed understanding of project management enable him to provide clients with innovative and flexible solutions. Luke is passionate about enhancing the patient experience and creating restorative spaces.
Cody Ayers Director of Equipment Planning / PMP Cody brings extensive knowledge of healthcare operations, capital improvement projects, and medical equipment technology to his role. With over 12 years of operational experience with a national healthcare system and a global medical technology supplier, he brings a unique perspective enabling him to provide innovative equipment solutions. Cody manages each phase of Pulse Design Group’s medical equipment projects to ensure turn-key project delivery for regional and national clients.
Mandi Bales Equipment Planner III   As an equipment planner, Mandi is responsible for developing equipment drawings, specifications, inventory, equipment lists and budgets, procurement, transition, and move management. Mandi’s experience includes working with numerous healthcare systems to develop detailed inventories of medical equipment and providing equipment planning services to support new and existing construction projects.
Bridget Bilderback Project Administrator  
Brooke Cover Director of Client Experience  
Grace Craig Architectural Intern  
Megan Elam Interior Designer III / NCIDQ Megan has a successful portfolio of experience designing interior spaces and finishes for healthcare facilities. She develops creative design solutions to enhance patient wellness and healing.
Elizabeth Fleer Equipment Planning Coordinator  
Oliver Franklin Equipment Planner I  
Trevor Freeman Senior Architectural Associate   With 8+ years of design experience, Trevor has played an integral role in the success of Pulse Design Group. He is responsive, detail oriented, and has a strong portfolio of various project types within healthcare design. Trevor truly takes each project as an opportunity to improve the healing environment.
Shelby Frye Project Manager / NCIDQ, CHID As an interior designer, Shelby is a true visionary in healthcare design and an integral part of overall project success. Shelby is consistently looking for creative design solutions to reimagine client’s outlook on their space. While providing several design solutions, Shelby works to lead each client to their final desired result, ultimately creating environments that exceed their expectations.
Mickey Garcia Project Accountant  
Austin Gelsomino Architectural Associate / EDAC
Charles R. Haase Senior Architectural Associate   Charlie leads by example in his dedication to expanding his healthcare design knowledge base. For each project, he takes the time necessary to understand the rules and regulations healthcare spaces require and works to ensure each project has been vetted with each facilities specific requirements in mind.
Ben Hegner Project Manager - Equipment Planning   Ben holds a dual role at Pulse Design Group as Systems Administrator and Medical Equipment Planning Project Manager. As Systems Administrator, Ben focuses on technology infrastructure and maintains the firm’s hardware, software, and network efficiency. Ben also supports the medical equipment planning department with budgeting, existing equipment inventory, equipment specifications, procurement, and installation.
Alli Hill Senior Architectural Associate   Alli is Senior Architectural Associate and has a diverse healthcare portfolio. Her project diversity allows her to work on all types of design projects both large and small. Her schematic design skills and details drawings provide efficient, innovative and creative design solutions to her clients.
Allison Kelly Architectural Associate I / EDAC Allison is a graduate of The University of Kansas Health and Wellness program and assists in streamlining the architecture design process from conceptual design through project completion. She is detail oriented and works to ensure each space is a functional and flexible environment for healing.
Alyssa Krutsinger Business Administrator   Alyssa is aBusiness Administrator and supports office initiatives and procedures. She welcomes visitors, schedules meetings, coordinates office space planning and maintenance, and oversees various office projects.
Christian Lee Architectural Associate   Christian is a recent graduate of Kansas State University’s College of Architecture. He understands the need for flexible and functional healthcare spaces and incorporates creative solutions in his designs. He assists in streamlining the architectural design process from conceptual design through overall completion. Christian formally interned with Pulse Design Group and is now a full-time employee with the firm.
Haley Mills Architectural Associate I   Haley is a recent graduate of the University of Kansas School of Architecture Health and Wellness Institute, which is focused solely on healthcare design. She is passionate about finding ways to bring various architectural design elements together to improve healing and total wellness. Haley formally interned with Pulse Design Group and is now a full-time employee with the firm.
Ross Netzel Architectural Associate II   Ross is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Architecture’s Health and Wellness program and assists in streamlining the architectural design process from conceptual design through overall completion. Ross is especially skilled in creating conceptual realistic images using cutting – edge rendering technology.
Avery Parker Drafting Technician   As a Drafting Technician, Avery works alongside the architectural team to develop design and construction documents. Her attention to detail ensures documents are completed on time while meeting established specifications and standards.
John P. Peter Senior Architect / AIA John is a seasoned design professional and has worked on a wide array of project types within healthcare design. He excels in exterior detailing and truly understands how a building comes together. He understands the programmatic and systematic requirements to ensure constructability in the field.
Darianne Rose Interior Design Associate   Darianne is a recent graduate of Kansas State University’s College of Architecture, Planning, and Design. She assists with providing creative solutions and designing interior and exterior spaces for healthcare facilities.
Jordan Sawyer Senior Interior Designer / NCIDQ, CHID Jordan is an interior design project manager and brings cutting edge design solutions to her projects. She is able to maximize a given square footage and create efficient and innovative environments with unique design elements.
Courtney Schrader Equipment Planner I   Courtney is a medical equipment planner involved in the development of equipment drawings and specifications, inventory management, equipment lists and budgets, procurement, transition, and move management. Courtney is detail oriented and works to ensure each space is functional and flexible for equipment installation and usage.
Julia Shrader Project Manager - Equipment Planning   As a Medical Equipment Project Manager, Julia works with numerous clients to provide equipment planning services for rehabilitation, renovation, modernization, and new construction projects. She plays a crucial role in providing medical equipment planning and transition services to her clients and the projects she manages. Her unique background and expertise enable her to understand the complexity of healthcare projects and overall system operations.
Sean Stattelman Architectural Associate / EDAC Sean is a recent graduate of the Health and Wellness program at The University of Kansas. He assists with the design and project coordination for various healthcare clients. He understands the value of designing to improve overall wellness and patient experience. Sean formally interned with Pulse Design Group and is now a full-time employee with the firm.
Madisyn Swearingen Architectural Associate  
Summer Treas Senior Marketing Manager   As Marketing Manager for Pulse Design Group, Summer fulfills the firm’s organizational objectives through targeted marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, market presence, and position.
Emily Wallbillick Senior Interior Designer / NCIDQ, CHID, EDAC Emily’s keen eye for design and finish detail adds a defining touch to the projects on which she works. Emily enjoys the challenge of maximizing a given square footage with methodical space planning and spatial relationship organization. Hard work and dedication to her craft has resulted in consistently delivering results.
Angela Vierthaler Architect III / AIA, NCIDQ Angela has a unique perspective to design with a degree in architecture and interiors. Through every project, Angela aims to create an inviting, fresh, and functional environment for healing. Her experience includes a wide variety of project types from inpatient units, surgical spaces, and modernization of facilities.
Tony Wroblewski Drafting Technician III   Tony brings 25 years of healthcare design experience to every project. His detailed drawings and bring an extra level of coordination to his projects to ensure constructability in the field.