Spira Care Outpatient Clinics

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Various Locations


The Spira Care outpatient clinics were completed on an accelerated design and construction schedule to provide convenient care to Blue Cross Blue Shield patients.


The design team worked directly with Blue Cross Blue Shield and their branding consultant to quickly develop an entirely new outpatient care delivery model. To meet the client’s requirements, the design team quickly created a program, schedule and prototype to site adapt the various clinic locations.

Pulse Design Group led the design efforts on multiple Spira Care outpatient clinics to service clients in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. In addition to primary care, each location has laboratory and radiology capabilities. The various clinics differ in size and location but house similar program requirements.

The Spira Care outpatient clinics offer a unique patient experience that challenges the traditional primary care clinic model. The waiting area is open and airy with a modern residential feel. The exam rooms are fresh and inviting, offering a consultation area for patients and families to have a relaxed and comfortable conversation with the physician.