KVC Hospital Youth Psychiatric Facility

KVC Health System

Wichita, Kansas

Completion Date 2019

30,906 Square Feet


 The design team was challenged to convert an existing ambulatory surgical center into a 54-bed, fully code compliant behavioral health facility for adolescents.


Pulse Design Group performed extensive research to ensure behavioral health code standards were incorporated into the design of this facility. Creative design solutions were vetted by hospital staff and stakeholders to facilitate utilization of diverse treatment options.

The KVC Wichita project is a new 54-bed facility to be retrofitted from an existing Ambulatory Surgery Center. The project scope involves an initial assessment of the facility for feasibility and infrastructure in addition to the architectural design of the building.

The project presented a particular challenge as the existing main entry and vertical circulation had to be reused. Pulse Design Group approached the project with a keen eye on creating a true healing environment, while maximizing spatial utilization and patient flow.

It was critical to understand KVC operations and ensure that patients are able to flow through the facility without passing through adjacent patient spaces as well as keeping the administration and visitor areas separately accessible. These design details help define which areas must be constructed to full behavioral health standards and those areas that are exempt from these standards, therefore reducing overall project costs.