Pulse People Spotlight - Angela Suter, AIA, NCIDQ

Pulse People Spotlight - Angela Suter, AIA, NCIDQ Image

From an early age, Angela Suter constantly sought out creative outlets. She spent time drawing, organizing, and developing effective floor plans for hypothetical homes. It is no surprise that she chose a creative field for her career path where she gets to use her talents to enhance people’s lives through design. Angela has recently passed her ARE exams and joins a small group of professionals who hold both the title of a licensed architect and a certified interior designer. We caught up with Angela to ask her a few questions!

What made you decide to pursue the path of becoming a licensed architect and certified interior designer?

I attended the University of Missouri – Columbia for my undergraduate studies where I had a professor who was a licensed architect and a certified interior designer. At the time I did not know that it was an option, but I thought it was incredible. That sparked my interest in pursuing both degrees.

I was always interested in architecture and interior design and thought that the best way to exercise and utilize both interests was to get dual certified.


What path were you originally interested in first?

In high school, I considered an engineering path. I have several family members who are engineers and even attended a summer engineering camp. Ultimately, I wanted more of a creative field and started down the interior design path.

I really enjoyed the space planning aspect of interior design, but was also wanted to do exterior work. In the end, I decided to pursue architecture and went to the University of Kansas to obtain a Master of Architecture degree.


How does the dual certification change your view/outlook when designing a space?

Often interiors and exteriors are handled independently, but a building needs to have a consistent language. It is important to ensure both aspects of the design work in tandem. The dual certification provides a richer understanding of how to incorporate all elements of design into a given space.


Angela's Work for Pulse Design Group


You serve as the head of Pulse Design Group’s Education Committee. Explain what this role entails and the value of continuous education?

Pulse Design Group is committed to continued education. As head of the education committee, I ensure that frequent programming opportunities are offered to enhance and contribute to the pursuit of design excellence. The primary priority of this committee is to provide educational opportunities, so associates perform their jobs at an optimal level, as well as aid in employee career pathing which is vital to design excellence.

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and education is paramount, makes us a knowledgeable resource to our clients, and ultimately produces efficient design solutions.


What do you know now that you wish you knew in school?

There is power in knowing what you do not know and embracing the unknown. I learned design in school, but my design acumen intensified quickly in real-world application. It is important to ask questions to continue to evolve as a design professional. The education committee at Pulse Design Group is a great resource for younger design professionals to utilize, enhance and refine their knowledge of healthcare design.


What would you tell someone else who is looking to become a licensed architect and a licensed interior designer?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Standardized tests are not a measure of how talented you are or how good you are at your job; however, it is an important hurdle in your career. If it doesn’t happen the first time, pick yourself up, find peers to give you advice, and try again.


What are some things you enjoy outside of the office?

I am excited to have free time to pursue my interests and hobbies now that I have passed my exams. My dogs, Pepper and Ringo, are a huge part of my life. Nothing is better than coming home and having the unbridled joy of your dogs attacking you at the door. My guilty pleasures are reality TV and listening to true crime podcasts. Cooking is also something that I find enjoyment in. I will start with whatever catches my eye on Pinterest and then alter the recipe to my own perfection – there is never enough garlic!


Angela's Dogs

Thanks for all you do, Angela!