Meet Shelby!

Meet Shelby! Image

Shelby Frye has been with Pulse Design Group for seven years and recently became licensed as a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer (CHID). There are currently only six CHID certified interior designers between Kansas and Missouri and four are Pulse Design Group employees! Congrats, Shelby! Get to know, Shelby below.

How did you get into interior design?

Growing up I was always crafting something or rearranging my room and all the rooms in the house I grew up in. My junior year of high school I became interested in Interior Design as a profession and decided to take a couple of introductory classes. The rest is history!

What is your most recent accomplishment?

My most recent accomplishment is becoming a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer. Being one of only five certified healthcare designers in the Midwest is an awesome feeling.

What has been your favorite/most interesting/a highlight project in your career at Pulse?

A highlight in my career at Pulse Design Group was completing the KVC Health System Youth Psychiatric Hospital. Behavioral health remains a growing demand and being able touch all processes of the design, furniture, and artwork for the children who will get care there was a great feeling.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear…”

If you want to be a leader in your career, listening more often than talking can allow you to learn so much more. This is so true in healthcare design because our projects are only truly successful when we take the time to listen and process what the client and patient needs in the outcome of a project.

We love having you on the team, Shelby! Thank you for all you do!