Meet Allison!

Meet Allison! Image

Allison Kelly is a 5th year architecture student at the University of Kansas. Allison joined Pulse Design Group as an intern at the beginning of the summer and we are so excited to have Allison as a part of the Pulse team! Get to know Allison below.


How did you get started in the architecture program at The University of Kansas?

I became interested in architecture in high school after taking an engineering class. I have always loved the idea of creating usable, functional spaces and after taking a variety of electives in college like “Evidence-Based Design for Healthcare,” and “LEED for Designers,” I became more interested in healthcare architecture. I quickly realized that architecture can affect our lives in so many ways. Through healthcare design, we can create a better, more comfortable experience for people at their most vulnerable moment.

What have you gained from your experience at Pulse Design Group so far?

The Pulse Design Group team has made my internship experience incredible. Everyone is incredibly knowledgeable and I have learned so much from the experienced designers and principals. In the short time I have been at Pulse, I have had the opportunity to participate in projects that are truly impactful. This internship has helped solidify my decision to explore the realm of healthcare design and I am so thankful to continue learning in such a great environment!

Thank you, Allison, for all your hard work!