Congrats, Ross!

Congrats, Ross! Image

Ross Netzel joined Pulse Design Group as an intern in Fall 2019. This Saturday he would be walking across the stage to receive his Master of Architecture from the University of Kansas. Despite missing his graduation ceremony, we are happy to welcome Ross to the Pulse Design Group team full time! Get to know Ross below.

How did you get into architecture?

Originally, I was fascinated by Legos, drawing, and how to create something out of small pieces, which made me realize that the world we live in today is made of these “Legos.” So, I decided to take architecture classes in high school and later compete in state competitions. This interest eventually led me to enroll in the architecture program at the University of Kansas. The sleepless nights of studio workshops, making intricate physical models out of basswood, and the strong friendship I have gained are all a part of the process. I have officially completed my Master of Architecture and am excited to join the Pulse Design Group team full time!

What made you interested in healthcare design specifically?

The overall idea that the facilities we design and create are benefiting so many people within our community is what initially steered me towards healthcare. Whether it is patients, doctors, or visitors, we are here to make them feel comfortable during a maybe uncertain time in their life, make the experience as smooth as possible, and to let them know that there are in good hands.

What advice do you have for architecture students in their final years of school?

Make something memorable and unique that inspires you to spark the interests of people that normally would not admire architecture. Slow down, enjoy the process and have fun!

What is your guilty pleasure?

My biggest guilty pleasure is a large iced coffee with hazelnut and mocha swirl with cream and sugar.

What has been the biggest benefit of working at Pulse Design Group?

I learned so much during my internship at Pulse Design Group. One key takeaway is the intense attention to project detail that is standard process at Pulse. It is our jobs at designers to communicate design intent to our clients, and it is often challenging for end users to visualize a design concept. I have seen the most sophisticated designs that not only benefits the end-users but also the environment of the surrounding space. I look forward to continuing to learn and advance my design skills and healthcare knowledge.